XTRA: Red Boudin

Red boudin, also known as boudin rouge or blood boudin, is a fading tradition in Acadiana. Only specially-licensed slaughterhouses are allowed to produce this generations-old delicacy. Babineaux’s in Breax Bridge, Louisiana, is one of the last commercial makers of red boudin in the area. Here, we offer a short photo essay to illustrate their process.

FAIR WARNING: You are about to get a behind-the-scenes peek into the workings of a slaughterhouse. If the sight of blood isn’t on your list of things to see today, maybe you’d like to listen to Rodney Babineaux talk about his family’s tradition of making red boudin.

All photos are by Sara Roahen.

making boudin_Babineaux_1
Pigs at Babineaux’s Slaughter House.
making boudin_Babineaux_2
Readying for the slaughter.
making boudin_Babineaux_3
The pig that gave its blood for Babineaux’s red boudin.
making boudin_Babineaux_4
Fresh pig’s blood mixed with salt (to prevent coagulation).
making boudin_Babineaux_5
Singeing the hair from a dead pig.
making boudin_Babineaux_6
Boiling the butchered pig.
making boudin_Babineaux_6a
Rice for the red boudin.
making boudin_Babineaux_7
The rice cooks beside the pork, over a gas flame.
making boudin_Babineaux_8
Separating the meat from the bones.
making boudin_Babineaux_9
Passing the pork through a meat grinder.
making boudin_Babineaux_10
Peelings onions that will also pass through the meat grinder and be mixed with the ground pork.
making boudin_Babineaux_11
Mixing the ground pork with the cooked rice.
making boudin_Babineaux_12
Straining the pork stock, which will be mixed into the pork-rice mixture.
making boudin_Babineaux_13
Adding dried seasonings to the boudin mix.
making boudin_Babineaux_14
Mixing the pig’s blood.
making boudin_Babineaux_15
Natural pork casings.
making boudin_Babineaux_16
Filling the casings with the red boudin mixture using a pump driven by water pressure.
making boudin_Babineaux_17
Uncooked red boudin.
Babineaux's boudin_2
Cooked red boudin (L) with regular boudin (R) from Babineaux’s Slaughter House.