Boudin For Peace

Boudin For Peace Lafayette, LA

Growing up in Lafayette, Jeff Landry didn’t imagine that boudin—such a common food—would one day become the focal point of his favorite day of the year. In 2000, because he knew the right people and which strings to pull, Jeff became a rookie member of Boudin For Peace, an all-male, semi-secret organization that celebrates Acadiana’s boudin culture during an annual day-long boudin bus tour. While Jeff couldn’t divulge the club’s innermost secrets, he did reveal that the group has rules: no women, no cameras, no fighting. And also a five-point boudin grading system: meat-to-rice ratio, presentation, spice level, liver content, and girth. Once the votes are tallied, the group awards the winning boudin shop with a best-of plaque. Mostly, though, the day (always held the Saturday before Mardi Gras) is more about camaraderie and boudin appreciation than it is a contest. On the bus, Jeff says, the Boudin for Peacers gear up for the day by chanting boudin, boudin. Of course the coolers of beer also help.

Date of interview:

June 15, 2008


Sara Roahen


Sara Roahen

Boudin for Peace - Jeff Landry and Blake Greer - Southern Boudin Trail
Everyone on the bus has an extreme passion for boudin.

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