The Best Stop

615 Highway 93 N
Scott, LA 70583
(337) 233-5805

A native of Scott, Louisiana, Robert Cormier grew up in a household that followed the Cajun boucherie tradition, wherein hogs were slaughtered out of necessity. When he got older, Robert decided to become a barber. Meanwhile, his cousin, Lawrence Menard, worked as a butcher. In 1975 Robert changed professions and opened Robert’s Super-Rite in Lafayette. In the 1980s the tradition of family boucheries was beginning to fade away, right as Cajun culture began getting more attention. Robert and Lawrence saw an opportunity. They decided to focus together on the specialty meat business, supplying boudin, sausage, and cracklins to the surrounding community. In 1986 they opened The Best Stop in their hometown of Scott. Today, it’s not just their neighbors lining up for a few hot links; customers from all over purchase about 10,000 pounds of boudin from them each week.

Date of interview:

October 13, 2006


Amy C. Evans


Amy C. Evans

The Best Stop - Robert Cormier - Southern Boudin Trail
When we would slaughter the pork, we would cook it right away. We’d make backbone stew for that day for people that was working and fried pork chops. And they would do the boudin, and they would also do the hog-head cheese. That’s another good product that we have here—the best of it—that we make thousands of pounds every week.

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