Tiny Prudhomme’s House of Meat

Tiny Prudhomme’s House of Meat
416 N. Morgan Ave.
Broussard, LA 70518
(337) 837-3791

Damon Prodhomme, known by everyone as Tiny, comes from a family with deep traditions in the kitchen. His uncle is Paul Prudhomme, chef at K-Paul’s in New Orleans. His aunts and uncles co-authored The Prudhomme Family Cookbook, which shared as much family history as it did kitchen secrets.
Despite the family tradition, Tiny didn’t go into the food business initially. He worked in sales for many years, before opening his specialty meat store almost four years ago. Today a former Subway restaurant is home to his business that specializes in boudin, sausages, stuffed chickens, rice dressings, and other prepared foods.

Also, despite his nickname, Tiny’s not a small guy. He’s a big guy, with a big personality. He’s jolly and seldom serious, except when he’s talking about his food. What’s the secret to his delicious boudin? He doesn’t include liver. The flavor can be too strong, he says, and his customers prefer the omission. The secret to the popularity of his other specialty meat offerings? Tiny limits the spices. Too often, he thinks, people equate Cajun food with hot food. Instead, he prefers to make foods with layers of flavor, limiting the hot spices. His recipes keep customers happy; late afternoons are the busiest hours of the day, as locals stop by on their way home to pick up a quick-cook dinner.

Date of interview:

January 23, 2009


Mary Beth Lasseter


Mary Beth Lasseter

Tiny Prudhomme’s House of Meat - Tiny Prudhomme - Southern Boudin Trail
I think Cajun has been broadened way too much...Everybody thinks if it’s Cajun it’s pepper and it’s not; it’s all about flavor.

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