T-Boy’s Slaughterhouse

T-Boy’s Slaughterhouse
2228 Pine Point Rd.
Ville Platte, LA 70586
(337) 468-3333

Paul Nathan Berzas is the youngest of nine children. All his life he’s been known as T-Boy, a Cajun nickname for the youngest in the brood. Growing up, T-Boy, along with his brothers and sisters, pitched in on the family farm. They harvested rice, picked soybeans, and slaughtered hogs, all of which they ate. When T-Boy got older, he worked a variety of odd jobs in his hometown of Mamou, including as a butcher at a meat market. In 1994 he had the opportunity to purchase a local slaughterhouse that had gone out of business. Today, T-Boy’s Slaughterhouse is the last of its kind in Evangeline Parish. It’s the only place where locals can bring animals for custom slaughtering. And it’s the only place where a hog goes from the barn to boudin in only about fifteen steps.

Date of interview:

October 11, 2008


Amy C. Evans


Amy C. Evans

T-Boy’s Slaughterhouse - T-Boy Berzas - Southern Boudin Trail
One of the things that I always say that makes a big difference [in boudin] is fresh meat. When you get some meat that’s been killed in Kansas City somewhere and get it shipped in a box, and you’re not sure how old it is and so forth, your boudin is not going to taste as good as some that’s been killed and de-boned and cooked and put in boudin right away. It makes a large difference in the flavor of the boudin.

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