Mowata Store

29017 Crowley Eunice Highway
Mowata (Eunice), LA 70535
(337) 550-1992

Bubba Frey is a Cajun jack-of-all-trades and a keeper of traditions. While he professes not to have strayed much from his home turf of Mowata—a town so small that the United States Postal Service doesn’t even acknowledge it with a zip code—he possesses extensive knowledge about, and perspective on, the culinary history of his region. Straight out of high school, Bubba took to rice and cattle farming, just as his grandfather and father had done. He also dabbled successfully in crawfish farming, but when that market became saturated and the Mowata Store came up for sale, he made a life-change. Bubba Frey’s Restaurant, which connects to the Mowata Store and maintains limited hours, is where Bubba serves guinea hen gumbo made with his own hens during the cooler months, as well as stuffed beef tongue every Thursday for lunch. Other specials might include whole battered-and-fried quail that also were raised by the chef, stuffed ponce (stomach), local frog’s legs, and baked Muscovy duck. On Saturday nights in the restaurant, Bubba, a self-taught fiddle player, and other musicians from the area gather for a genuine, and free, Cajun music jam session.

Date of interview:

August 20, 2007


Sara Roahen


Sara Roahen

Mowata Store - Bubba Frey - Gumbo and Boudin Trail
I also serve guinea gumbo in my restaurant here only during the wintertime, because I want them to get just a certain taste of it, because if you give somebody something for too long they get tired of it and they expect it there every time you go. So I give it to them, you know on a limited basis, to where when I have it they gobble it up, and—and when it’s over, it’s over.

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