Saucier’s Sausage Kitchen

Saucier's Sausage Kitchen
2064 Saucier Rd.
Mamou, LA 70554
(337) 457-2699

Born in 1941, John Saucier grew up on a farm in Plaisance, Louisiana. He learned the Cajun boucherie tradition of slaughtering hogs, how to preserve meat, and how to tend a garden. He carried these lessons into his adult life. Even when working as a custodian, supporting a family of his own in Mamou, Louisiana, he raised his own food. When John retired, he decided to keep busy by selling the things he’d always made for his family: smoked sausage, tasso, cracklins, and boudin. John is of the old school: he doesn’t believe that boudin is boudin unless it’s made the traditional way, using more than just liver and rice. To make it properly, he says, “You’ve got to put the right things in it.” And all of those things—hog jaw, belly, heart, kidney, liver—get stuffed into the casings at Saucier’s Sausage Kitchen. Locals look to John for old-style Cajun specialties. For him, the tradition is as important as the taste.

Date of interview:

October 10, 2006


Amy C. Evans


Amy C. Evans

Saucier's Sausage Kitchen - John Saucier - Southern Boudin Trail
Well the boudin, we’ve got to use the hog jaw, the belly, the meat, and the liver and the heart, the kidney—we put all that in there, all the good stuff and you grind all that. And you put the rice in there and the green parsley, green onions, and head of onions, and we put all that in that boudin. That’s the only way we make our boudin

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