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Trahan Foods
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In a way, Scott Menard has been in the grocery business his entire life. After the death of his father at a young age, Scott was raised by his uncle, Ronnie Trahan, who throughout Scott’s childhood owned and operated Trahan Foods. Scott became a full-time employee directly out of high school, and he bought the grocery and meat market outright in 2006. Throughout Scott’s history with Trahan Foods, the boudin there has been made according to a recipe developed decades ago by Ronnie’s grandfather. For the past 20-plus years, Mark Cormier has helped maintain the boudin’s quality and consistency. Still a young man by boudin-making standards, Mark also began working at Trahan Foods after graduating from high school. At the time of this interview, he is Trahan Foods’ only boudin maker, producing 400 pounds during slow weeks, and up to 1,000 pounds a week around the holidays.

Date of interview:

September 8, 2007


Sara Roahen


Sara Roahen

Trahan Foods - Mark Cormier and Scott Menard - Southern Boudin Trail
I’ve seen us make up to 1,000-pounds in a week, you know that Christmas week.

No, I don’t eat the casing. I don’t. Now if you – I’ll tell you what: my preferred way to eat boudin is barbequed. Now if you barbeque it, you eat – then you eat the casing.