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Chuck's Bar-B-Q - Chuck Ferrell - Alabama - Southern BBQ Trail

Barbecue and Belief in Opelika

Chuck Ferrell of Chuck’s Bar-B-Q in Opelika, Alabama, is a born-again Christian who uses his barbecue as a tool for conversion. He keeps a stock of religious tracts by the register and wields a barbecue pitchfork for a living.

The Rise and Fall of the South’s ACP Kings

Gravy columnist Gustavo Arellano discusses ACP, and argues that if Mexicans could become successful and integrate themselves into the American South, then there’s cheese-covered hope for the rest of us.

Vishwesh Bhatt: The South I Love

Vishwesh Bhatt is a Southern chef using flavors from his childhood to add to the lexicon of Southern Food. Watch this short film by SFA summer film intern Nicole Du Bois, about Chef Bhatt.

Mixed History

Can you teach history through a cocktail menu? Meet Joe Stinchcomb, the 2018 Fall Symposium Bartender in Residence, who tried to do just that last February in Oxford, Mississippi.

2018 Egerton Prize Awards: The Films

SFA Pihakis Filmmaker Ava Lowrey made two films for the 2018 Egerton Prize Awards Ceremony, which took place in Nashville on August 12. We invite you to watch them.

Empanada Friday with Karla Ruiz

Watch SFA’s film on Karla Ruiz from Nashville. She makes delicious empanadas and will share some this Sunday, Aug. 12, at the reception following the Egerton Prize Award ceremony. Tickets are still available.

Gravy Podcast: Comfort Food

This week, we bring you Gravy‘s first foray into fiction. It’s a story of macaroni and cheese and maternal love, set in the fictional Canard County, Kentucky.

Italian Heaven: The Sicilian French Quarter before WWII

For most of its life, New Orleans has been in ethnic, social, and cultural motion. The story of how Sicilians, an earlier tribe of newcomers, came to the city and left their imprint offers a historical analogy for today.