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Stephen Grady checks the pit

BBQ Friday with Grady’s in Dudley, NC

Stephen and Gerri Grady married in 1986, the same year they established their eponymous barbecue house. The newlyweds purchased the pithouse from Mr. Grady’s brother, who lasted only one day in business (he found the hardwood smoke overwhelming).

Ghost of a Dream: Art at the 2018 Fall Symposium

Each year at the fall symposium, the SFA collaborates with 21c Museum Hotels to commission art that complements the theme of our study. In 2018, as we explore food and literature, Ghost of A Dream is creating the featured artwork.

Stir the Pot for SFA

On September 20, Ashley Christensen of Poole’s Diner in Raleigh, North Carolina, is hosting a Stir the Pot benefit dinner for the SFA featuring Joe and Katy Kindred.

Mashama Bailey and the Symposium Tabasco Lunch

This year, Mashama Bailey will cook Saturday’s Tabasco luncheon at the fall symposium. Her menu will be a tribute to the great writer (and photographer) Zora Neale Hurston.

2018 Fall Symposium: Meet Bill…on Bill

The 2018 Southern Foodways Symposium will have the opening night presentation at Rowan Oak, home of William Faulkner. Watch Bill on Bill, a short doc about curator Bill Griffith, to get into the symposium spirit.

BBQ Friday with Bum’s Restaurant in Ayden, NC

Ayden, North Carolina, is arguably one of the state’s great centers for barbecue. On this Barbecue Friday, we visit Bum’s Restaurant from our 2011 oral history interview.

Harker’s Island, NC: Meet Eddie Willis

As Hurricane Florence takes aim for the Carolinas this week, remember the stories of the people in the local communities. Eddie Willis, of Harker’s Island, NC, is featured here in this 2016 oral history interview.

Hog Farms and Hurricanes: Looming Disaster

American enjoys its pork at the expense of some of the poorest populations in the nation. Consider Duplin County as Hurricane Florence approaches.