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Back of the White House

Adrian Miller’s The President’s Kitchen Cabinet aims to fill in the “historical silhouettes” of the black culinary figures whose influence he noted while researching his first book.

Meet Poet Eduardo C. Corral

Meet Eduardo C. Corral, the 2017 Southern Foodways Symposium featured poet. Corral, the son of Mexican immigrants, is an assistant professor in the M.F.A. program at North Carolina State University.

Smithsonian Food History Weekend

The Smithsonian National Museum of American History hosts the 2017 Smithsonian Food History Weekend on October 26-28.

A Shot of Truth

You might think that Adam Seger was ostracized for fibbing about the origins of the famed Seelbach cocktail. But that didn’t happen.

Help Feed Houston

In the wake of hurricane Harvey, I knew Bryan would help lead the recovery of his beloved hometown.