DEVILED EGGS Sample some of the best recipes from the 2004 SFA deviled egg celebration.

ONION RINGS Listen to a Gravy podcast episode all about the Vidalia onion. It’s not a myth: They really do have to be grown in Vidalia, Georgia.

QUESO DIP Yes, we also have a podcast episode about cheese dip. And a Gravy article about it.

BAR-B-Q QUESADILLA If you like barbecue quesadillas, then this film on Valentina’s Tex-Mex BBQ will be of interest.

SMOKED PORK HOT LINK Hot links are a specialty in Texas, especially at Patillo’s Bar-B-Q, the fourth-oldest barbecue restaurant in the state.

SMOKED RIBLETS Cozy Corner is known for its rib tips, but did you know they smoke Cornish hens, too?

BAR-B-Q NACHOS In this ode to Arkansas barbecue, Ovens are for Pies, you’ll see there’s more to love than just barbecue nachos. McClard’s Bar-B-Q also has tamales.


CLASSIC GREEK SALAD  Greeks have been a dominant force in Birmingham markets and restaurants. To learn about their investments in the city, read this Gravy article and learn the stories of Greek restaurateurs via the SFA oral history project underwritten by Jim ‘N Nick’s in 2004. We also made a film on Tim Hontzas and his restaurant, Johnny’s, home of the Greek and Three.


COLE SLAW Whether it tops a North Carolina pulled pork sandwich or a West Virginia hot dog, cole slaw is a staple. There are slaw-abiding citizens across the South.

COLLARD GREENS Southerners love greens. They bring good luck on New Year’s Day and a taste of home the rest of the year.


CAROLINA STYLE PORK Which Carolina, and what part? Check out SFA barbecue trails in North Carolina and South Carolina to see the variety of ways Carolinians serve their sandwiches. Watch films on the Skylight Inn, original home to Sam Jones barbecue. Cut Chop Cook shares a time Rodney Scott’s ‘cue was a simple family affair.

BEEF BRISKET While the majority of the South is firmly in Camp Pork, Texas prefers beef.

HOT LINKS In Elgin, Texas, at Southside Barbecue, these sausages are known as hot guts. In Beaumont, Texas, at Patillo’s, people order grease balls. Both are delicious.

SMOKED HAM In some pockets of the South, pork shoulders are used for sausage making, and hams are for smoking. This is the case at Ridgewood Barbecue near the Bristol Motor Speedway.

BAR-B-Q CHICKEN In north Alabama, barbecue means whole chicken butterflied, dusted with salt, smoked over hickory, and served with a white mayonnaise-based sauce. That’s a favorite dish at Big Bob Gibson’s in Decatur, Alabama.

BABY BACK RIBS Legend says Charlie Vergos popularized dry ribs at his Memphis restaurant, Rendezvous. SFA has explored ribs all over the city in our Memphis Barbecue Project.

FRIED CATFISH Did you know that nearly 95% of all catfish sold in the United States is farm-raised in the South? Ed Scott was a leader for African Americans in the industry.


MABLE’S HOMEMADE PIE There’s No Such Thing as Bad Pie. That’s not only a truth; it’s also a film. Of course, you’ll always have cake proponents, as this debate proves.

Want to learn more about barbecue? Watch these SFA films.

Archibald’s Archibald and Woodrow’s Barbecue in Northport, Alabama

BBGBBQ Big Bob Gibson’s in Decatur, Alabama

Blood is Blood Patillo’s Barbecue in Beaumont, Texas

Captial Q Jones Family/Skylight Inn in Ayden, North Carolina

Cut/Chop/Cook Scotts Family Barbecue in Hemingway, South Carolina

Dial S for Sausage Southside Meat Market in Elgin, Texas

Helen’s Bar-B-Q Helen Turner’s Barbecue in Brownsville, Tennessee

Mutton, The Movie Western Kentucky Parish barbecues and Moolight Inn in Owensboro, Kentucky

Otha Turner Otha Turner from Como, Mississippi

Ovens are for Pies McLard’s Barbecue in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Something Better than Barbecue Chuck’s Barbecue in Opelika, Alabama

Thursday in Hell’s Half Acre Ricky Scott’s Barbecue in Hell’s Half Acre, South Carolina

To Live and Die in Avoyelles Parish Cochon de Lait in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana

Valentina’s Valentina’s Tex Mex in Austin, Texas

Whole Hog B.E. Scott’s Barbecue in Lexington, Tennessee

Like Father Scott’s Parker’s Barbecue in Lexington, Tennessee (10 years after Whole Hog)