Wilma’s Garden

Hillsborough, NC

Wilma is the senior member of the Carrboro Farmers’ Market.  She and her then-husband, Jack, were original members of the Market in 1978.  Wilma grew up in the Midwest, where she helped her family in growing nearly all of their own food.  She says she made her first gardening mistake when she was two, as she pulled up her mother’s pine tree plants instead of the ragweed.  After 21 years as a research analyst in the Biology Department at the University of North Carolina, Wilma gardens full time, living a hard-scrabble life north of Hillsborough, North Carolina.  She is full of folk-wisdom and has many interesting stories for her customers regarding the use and cultivation of plants.

Date of interview:

July 3, 2011


Kate Medley


Kate Medley

I was born into raising plants [laughs] and had my first garden mistake at two years old, and I learned some taxonomy pretty quick.

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