William Friday

University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC

William “Bill” Friday was born in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, in 1920. He grew up working in his grandfather’s country store, which sold a variety of item such as high-button shoes, broad-rim hats, chewing tobacco, and large wheels of cheese. In the summers of his youth, he and his three brothers would return to the Valley of Virginia and work as farmhands, shearing sheep, shucking wheat, and tending to their grandfather’s store.

In February 1946 William and his wife, Ida, moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to obtain advanced degrees in Law and Public Health, respectively.  From 1956 to 1986, William acted as the president of the University of North Carolina. Living within a mile of the Carrboro Farmers’ Market, William became a frequent market-goer and established lasting relationships with the farmers and artisan vendors at the Market.

At 91 years old, William continues to shop at the Market for fresh fruits and vegetables. On occasion, his daughter, Fran, joins him at market.  William and his family are particularly fond of the salad greens because they are fresh, delicious, and grown by their longtime friends.

Bill Friday passed away on October 12, 2012, at age 92.

Date of interview:

August 25, 2011


Ashley Rose Young


Ashley Rose Young

Saturday morning at the Carrboro Market is a sort of mini town’s meeting. You see everybody in the world there. They all want to stop and talk, and you just have a good time. It’s worth it, and it doesn’t cost you a nickel.

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