Carla Shuford

Chapel Hill, nc

Carla Shuford grew up on a farm in the mountains of North Carolina in the 1940s and ’50s. Her father was an early convert to organic farming methods. At age fifteen, Shuford was diagnosed with cancer, and her left leg was amputated. Even after the surgery, doctors gave her a dire prognosis. Shuford began following the Gerson Therapy, a diet based on based on organic fruit and vegetable juices, and her cancer never returned. Fifty years later, she attributes her survival to a produce-centric diet supplemented with whole grains and protein from fish and free-range eggs. A devoted patron of the Carrboro Farmers’ Market since its inception in 1979, Shuford sees the farmers as her medical team, her friends, and her family. She is consistently the first patron to arrive at the Saturday market, where she buys crates of fruits, vegetables, eggs, bread, and grains before the sun has cleared the horizon. As one farmer explains, “There’s early, and then there’s Carla.”

Date of interview:

August 24, 2011


Sara Camp Arnold


Sara Camp Arnold

Longtime market shopper, Carla Shuford - Carrboro Farmers' Market
I prefer to go straight to the farmers. I want a face to associate with the food that goes in my body.

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