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Bill Dow comes from a long family tradition of farming. Born in Ohio and raised on a farm in Mississippi, Bill and his brothers knew the interworking of farming from a young age. Bill considers those early years on the family farm to be a very formative experience that significantly shaped his outlook on life. After completing a medical degree and a residency in pediatrics, Bill decided to return to farming. He now farms organically on Ayrshire Farm in Pittsboro, North Carolina.

Bill was involved with the Carrboro Farmers’ Market from its early conception, and has always been a staple of the Market community. On Saturdays you will find a variety of organic produce and unique herbs at the Ayrshire Farm stand, and, during blueberry season, you can head out to Ayrshire Farm to pick your own blueberries.

Bill and his partner, Daryl Walker, recently started a lessee program on their farm where they mentor beginning farmers and teach them not only the growing aspects of farming, but also the importance of marketing and selling their produce.

Sadly, Bill Dow passed away suddenly from unknown causes in December 2012, at the age of 67.

Date of interview:

August 29, 2011


Ashley Rose Young


Ashley Rose Young

Ayrshire Farm - Bill Dow - Carrboro Farmers' Market
I think we have been very fortunate to have the people we have had that have been with us on both sides, both as producers and consumers who aren't just passing through, you know. I mean a pint of sun gold is good and you eat it as little kids or adults, but it’s not the sun gold that’s going to do it.

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