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Gabriele Rausse came to Virginia in 1976 at the behest of his fellow countryman, Gianni Zonin, who needed a winemaker for his newest venture, Barboursville Vineyards. After a handful of years there, Gabriele left Baboursville to help establish Simeon Vineyards (currently Jefferson Vineyards), just a stone’s throw from Monticello. In 1984, while working at Simeon, he grafted the vines that were used to resurrect Thomas Jefferson’s beloved vineyard. In 1995 he pursued an opportunity to work at Monticello as the estate’s Assistant Director of Gardens and Grounds. Gabriele could not shake his passion for winemaking, however, so in 1997 he established a winery of his own, Gabriele Rausse Winery. Eventually, he was given the opportunity to make wine from the grapes grown at Monticello, a project that he carried out with historical accuracy. Today, Gabriele continues to make wine, both for himself and, when the harvest is good, for Monticello. He’s still consulting, too. For an Italian who never intended to remain in Virginia, he feet are firmly planted in Southern soil.

Date of interview:

June 19, 2008


Amy C. Evans


Amy C. Evans

Monticello - Gabriele Rausse - Wine in the South
In 1984, I grafted the vines [for Monticello], but the vines were taken care of like the rest of the orchard…they were taken care of for the people to see them, rather than to make wine. So it was a different story when I came here…I purchased a little crusher, and I was doing it in the barn down here right in a very unsophisticated way. It was very, very basic. But if you have good grapes, it’s not difficult to make good wine.
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