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Dulpin Winery
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David Fussell Sr., a school principal, was looking for a way to supplement his income when he heard about the price that Muscadine grapes were fetching in New York. He planted his first Muscadine vines in 1968. But in the 1970s, the price for grapes fell. Needing an outlet for his fruit, David decided to make wine. But again, his luck would turn. In the 1980s Duplin Winery faced new tax laws and regulations, causing the winery to face difficult times. The bank took David’s house but left him with a fledgling winery. He did his best to keep the place going. David even helped out other growers by taking their fruit, giving them stock in Duplin instead of cash. Duplin Winery maintains relationships with some of those growers to this day, helping Duplin Winery become the largest bottler of Muscadine in North Carolina. Today, David’s son, David Fussell Jr., continues the family tradition as president of Duplin Winery, where he’s committed to “making the best sweet wine in the world.

Date of interview:

August 11, 2008


Amy C. Evans


Amy C. Evans

Dulpin Winery - David Fussell - Wine in the South
Since we opened up in [1975], there have been seventy-two other wineries opened up. So we feel like we’re sort of laying the groundwork here for the Muscadine grape and Muscadine wineries. And we think that if we do a good job and if people sample our wines, they’ll say, ‘Muscadine wines are pretty good.’
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