Taylor Café

101 N Main St
Taylor, TX 76574
(512) 352-8475

Vencil Mares was born on November 10, 1923. A native Texan, Mr. Mares returned home from WWII and went right into the barbecue business. He began in Elgin, Texas, at the Southside Market in 1948. It was there, working in the smoke pit, that Mares learned the secrets of the barbecue trade, including how to make his much acclaimed sausage. A year later, he purchased what is now Taylor Café in nearby Taylor, Texas, and has been the owner and operator of the establishment ever since. Taylor Café’s hundred-year-old building is as distinctive as Vencil’s ketchup-based barbecue sauce, complete with jukebox, mismatched bar stools, and an antique cash register. Though the Taylor Café has been housed in the same building since it opened, there have been a few changes. Some years ago, for example, Mr. Mares added turkey sausage to his menu. But Taylor Café is still, at its heart, the same barbecue joint that it was in 1948.

Date of interview:

February 28, 2008


Gavin Benke, Remy Ramirez, and Marsha Abrahams


Marsha Abrahams

Taylor Cafe - Vencil Mare - Texas - Southern BBQ Trail
I just have a little different seasoning, but that’s how I got started and then people just wanted my sausage, the way I make mine. I put a little more seasoning in than they did, you know. And put a little more meat in, too.

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