Olivier’s Creole Restaurant

204 Decatur St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 525-7734

Five generations of Creole family recipes and tradition inspired Olivier’s Creole Restaurant. Armand Olivier Jr., his wife Cheryl, and their son Armand III began their restaurant in 1979 in New Orleans’ Gentilly neighborhood. There, Cheryl Olivier created a menu of Creole favorites, including a filé gumbo. Regulars began to request an okra gumbo, so Cheryl debuted another family recipe. When Olivier’s Restaurant moved to the French Quarter, Armand III created a gumbo of his own. Armand III’s roux-based Creole gumbo is now the restaurant’s house gumbo. But family tradition and customer’s tastes demand that all three gumbos appear on the menu. The compromise is the Gumbo Sampler, available year-round.

Olivier’s Restaurant closed January 2015.

Date of interview:

August 4, 2006


Amy Evans

Olivier's Creole Restaurant - Armand Olivier Jr. and Armand Olivier III - Gumbo Trail
If it tastes good, it’s good gumbo. I don’t care what you put in it or whose recipe it was or nothing and what don’t go in gumbo and what does go in gumbo. They’re going to be arguing over that when I’m dead. So my criteria is if it tastes good, it’s good gumbo.

Every family had a different style of gumbo. When I went to my Grandmother Audrey’s house, there would always be shredded chicken in hers. When I went to Eva’s house, my father’s mother’s house, there would always be cracked crabs. So every family and even by neighborhood there was different traditions in what to do.

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