Creole Country Sausage Company

512 David St.
New Orleans, LA 70119
(504) 488-1263

Vaughn Schmitt’s sausage is found in gumbos all over New Orleans. Along with his business partner Deanie Bowen, this second-generation sausage maker is proprietor of Creole Country Sausage Company. There they make a traditional andouille, a special-order mango sausage, and everything in between. Vaughn’s parents, Fab and Ricker Schmitt, started Creole Country in 1979. They felt compelled when their favorite sausage producer in Church Point, Louisiana, went out of business. After a two-week crash course—in Oklahoma of all places—they started filling casings. Today, Creole Country provides sausage to restaurants throughout New Orleans—a vital link in the city’s renowned gumbo tradition.

Date of interview:

September 9, 2006


Amy Evans

Creole Country Sausage Company - Vaughn Schmitt - Gumbo Trail
Andouille is leaner than a smoked sausage, and it’s good for gumbos and stuff. You can also put a little more fat into it, which helps out when you make the gumbo. It would dry out, if it’s too lean. So I always like to add a little more fat to the andouille.

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