Meals on Wheels Hot Tamales and Tacos (stand)

526 West Broadway
Yazoo City, MS 39194
(662) 746-8125

Originally from Leland, Mississippi, Lumumba Ajanaku learned how to make hot tamales from his mother. He was seventeen years old. She sold them out of their house to make extra money. When Lumumba needed some extra money in his pocket, he decided to do the same. He now has his Meals on Wheels hot tamale stand in Yazoo City, Mississippi. After working at other tamale businesses around the Delta, Lumumba took the best elements from each and created something he could call his own. Today, he sells tamales full-time and even takes his stand to events around the state. Lumumba believes that Delta tamales developed from the African American food “cush.” Whatever their origins, Lumumba’s hot tamales will likely be around for a long time to come.

Date of interview:

June 21, 2005


Amy Evans

Meals On Wheels Hot Tamales and Tacos - Lumumba Ajanaku - MS - Tamale Trail
Some say [hot tamales] come from an old word that we use called “cush,” you know. A lot of the Africans would just take meal and season the meal…because a lot of them didn't have enough money to buy meat like they wanted, so they would take the meal and season the meal, and the meal would taste so good it tasted like meat was in it.

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