Hot Tamale Heaven (cart)

Bing's Country Market 595 Hwy 1 North
Greenville, MS 38701

Hot Tamale Heaven (main location)
1640 Hwy 82 East
Greenville, MS 38701
(662) 378-2240

A Greenville native, Larry Lee worked a passel of odd jobs before turning to hot tamales as his vocation. Now Larry sells his wares from a brightly painted tamale cart inside Bing’s County Market in Greenville. He hasn’t been at it long, but his electric personality has made him a confident and popular tamale salesman for Hot Tamale Heaven. Owned by the Harmon family, Hot Tamale Heaven has been in operation in Greenville since the 1970s. Larry holds the Harmons in high esteem and considers their product to be the “caviar of hot tamales.” And he has tasted a lot of tamales. Pay a visit to Larry’s cart and experience tamale vending the way is used to be all over the Delta. He’ll wrap you a dozen for the road.

Date of interview:

June 22, 2005


Amy C. Evans


Amy C. Evans

Hot Tamale Heaven (cart) - Larry Lee - MS - Tamale Trail
[Y]ou're not from the Delta, if you know nothing of the tamales. It's just that simple. What can I tell you?...[Y]ou know, you go to a regional part of the country and every – every place you go has the signature something, you know. And for the Delta, it's the blues, it's the tamale, it's the Delta.

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