Hicks’ Famous Hot Tamales and More

305 South State Street/HWY 61
Clarksdale, MS 38614
(662) 624-9887

Eugene Hicks, born in 1944, has been making hot tamales since 1960. Acy Ware, who peddled tamales on the streets of Clarksdale, gave Hicks his recipe. In 1970, Hicks opened his first restaurant. The recipe has changed a bit over the years as he has experimented with different meats and spices. Hicks has never committed a recipe to writing, though. He works alone to cook and spice the meat, keeping the secrets to himself. What is no secret, though, are the custom devices and ingenious methods of production he has created. As a result, Hicks can produce ten times the amount of hot tamales that could be made by hand.

Date of interview:

August 19, 2005


Amy C. Evans


Amy C. Evans

Hicks' Famous Hot Tamales and More - Eugene Hicks - MS - Tamale Trail
A black fellow taught me how to [make hot tamales]. He telled me how to do tamales at thirteen years old, and I finally decided to try to do it at sixteen. So we did it, and people liked it and said it tastes better than the man that taught [me]. And from there it kind of blossomed, you know, and one thing lead to another.

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