B’s Barbecue

751 B’s Barbecue Rd.
Greenville, NC 27834

Judy Drach grew up on her parents’ farm in Greenville, NC, until they lost everything.  The family bought a local country store in the late 1970s and began running B’s Barbecue, named in honor of her father, William “Bill” McLawhorn. Bill ran the restaurant until his death in 2007, when Judy and her two sisters, Tammy and Donna, took over the business.

Judy acknowledges the transformation of Greenville over her lifetime and takes pride in knowing that the family business has played an integral role in the community.  She credits B’s staying power to the importance of family and being true to her father’s vision for the restaurant. She hopes that members of her family will continue to operate B’s in the future, despite the expansion of Highway 43 and competitors in the barbecue business.

B’s holds a special place in the city of Greenville. Even without a phone and keeping no set hours, lines of loyal customers spill out of the door and cars overflow from their parking lot onto both sides of the highway. And every afternoon, B’s sells out of food.

Two interviews, Judy Drach and Dexter Sherrod, are featured for this establishment.

Date of interview:

June 10, 2009


Alan G. Pike


Alan G. Pike

B's Barbecue - Judy Drach (middle) - North Carolina - Southern BBQ Trail
I mean sure we’d like to have a nice new fancy building and eight or ten more people working so we can have a day off and that kind of stuff, but, to us, when when you start doing all that, then it’s—you know, it’s like any other restaurant and that’s not what we wanted it to be. That’s not what my dad wanted it to be; he wanted it to be ours.

Yeah; it started out just about—just something to do after school—keep me busy ‘cause you know this was basically the country and we didn’t have nothing to do. So I said well I need to make me some money so I started working here cleaning up after school, and I just kind of fell in love with cooking on the grill. And I just stayed right here.