Ronny and Beth Drennan – Broadbent Country Hams

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Cadiz, KY 42211
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The Broadbent family started curing hams and bacon commercially in Cadiz, Kentucky, in 1920. In 1999 the Broadbent family sold the business to Ronny and Beth Drennan. The Drennans, who were in the furniture business, had always heard of Broadbent Hams and saw an opportunity. It took some time to learn the ins and outs of the curing business, but Smith Broadbent has been there to help. Today, Ronny and Beth carry on the Broadbent tradition of quality, and they have won enough awards to live up to the founder’s name. In 2011 they won their 15th blue ribbon for Grand Champion Ham at the Kentucky State Fair.

Date of interview:

August 22, 2005


Amy Evans

Broadbent Country Hams - Ronny and Beth Drennan - Kentucky Bacon
We had a large maple syrup company that wanted us to make bacon for we smoked the bacon with maple dust...That's how our maple bacon came about.

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