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Rodman Meacham was born to cure bacon. His father, William Meacham, had perfected his cure by the time Rodman was born and soon enough, Rodman was working in the ham house. By the time he was a teenager, Rodman knew he wanted to run the family business. Although he has other business interests, Rodman maintains great appreciation for the tradition of dry-curing meat. He now shares his knowledge with others, working with the Union Country Fair and the 4-H Country Ham Program, which teaches youngsters the traditional art of curing hams. Rodman is proud of what Meacham Hams has become and is especially proud to be able to pass his meat-curing knowledge on to the next generation. To him, meat curing is a connection to the past that should be celebrated and fostered.

Date of interview:

August 22, 2005


Amy Evans

Meacham Country Hams - Rodman Meacham - Kentucky Bacon
I've always said that I could give you my cure and let you go back here in this building and cure hams [or bacon] and they would probably taste different. The building is important; the procedure is important. But, you know, the times…how you mix things, how long to smoke, what kind of smoke--all those things have…a big influence on what it tastes like and what it looks like.

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