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Father's Country Hams
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Charles Gatton, Junior, is known to some as the mad scientist of bacon. Growing up on Gatton Farms, Charles learned the business of curing hams and bacon from his father, Charles Gatton, Senior, who founded Father’s Country Hams in 1950. When his father passed away in 2000, Charles Junior decided to take bacon-making to another level. His epiphany occurred at a food show, when chocolate purveyors asked if he could create a chocolate-flavored bacon. Charles Junior returned home and began toying with different products, eventually getting his hands on some flavorings that he could use in his dry-cure process. Today, Gatton Farms makes ten flavors of bacon, including apple cinnamon and vanilla bourbon, but no chocolate–yet. And, yes, they still offer the traditional hickory and pepper bacons.

Date of interview:

August 23, 2005


Amy Evans

Kentucky Bacon - Charles Gatton Jr. - Kentucky Bacon
So after my father died in the year 2000, we wanted to turn the business into more of a a year-round food business instead of just ham, bacon, and sausage that we were for 50 years. So that's why we added all the different [flavors of] bacons.

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