Col. Bill Newsom’s Aged Kentucky Country Ham

208 E. Main St.
Princeton, KY 42445
(270) 365-2482

Nancy Newsom Mahaffey, known far and wide as The Ham Lady, is one of the few women who dry-cures pork. Her family has been curing ham in the town of Princeton, Kentucky, for generations. H.C. Newsom, Nancy’s grandfather, worked from a cure, handed down in an eighteenth century family will. Before long, he was selling hams and bacon in the family-owned general store. Eventually, his son, Colonel Bill Newsom, started working on his own and developed a traditional sugar cure, which caught the attention of famous eaters like James Beard. Nancy grew up learning the value of tradition and the secret to her father’s success. Today, she carries on her father’s legacy in the same store, curing the same way, in the same ham house, catering to some of the same customers who have frequented Newsom’s Old Mill Store for decades.

Date of interview:

August 24, 2005


Amy Evans

Col. Bill Newsom's Aged Kentucky Country Ham - Nancy Newsom Mahaffy - Kentucky Bacon
I think the ‘country ham business’ is on its way out… I think the generation of people that understood and appreciated the ham business and that kind of thing are gone.

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