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Meet Osayi Endolyn, Associate Editor

Welcome to Osayi Endolyn, our new associate editor. She will work on Gravy Quarterly and head up our digital strategy as we continue to grow.


Corn: The Eternal Mexican

Corn possesses that power to tell the story of a people. Even when rendered as snacks. Especially when eaten as snacks.

Cecilia Polanco

Meet Cecilia Polanco, 2016 Smith Symposium Fellow

Cecilia Polanco works with members of her family and UNC undergraduates who volunteer their time for the mission of So Good Pupusas to create a scholarship fund for undocumented students pursuing their undergraduate degrees.

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What We’re Reading: The Ethnic Restaurateur

As the fields of food criticism, food journalism, and food studies increasingly turn their attention to questions of authenticity and appropriation, The Ethnic Restaurateur provides an essential perspective on the subject.

workers harvesting sugarcane in farm

#SFAGrad: (In)Justice

Meet the presenters for the final panel of our 2016 Graduate Student Conference: “(In)Justice.”