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Yee's Food Land in Lake Village, Arkansas. Photo by Jung Min (Kevin) Kim

Chinese Grocers in the Mississippi Delta

An alternative to plantation commissaries and catering to a predominately African American clientele, the Chinese American grocer was a mainstay in many Delta neighborhoods well into the 20th century.

spaghetti 1

New Nashville Meat-and-Three: Spaghetti

At Ramadan Restaurant in Nashville, diners chop up the long strands of angel hair in marinara –and break up the pieces of banana that go with it.

Mossville native Debra Ramirez. Photo by Tina Antolini.

A Story of Food & Pollution in Gravy Ep. 38

It’s hard to imagine that Mossville, Louisiana was once known as a kind of Eden, a place where all the residents gardened, hunted, and fished to support themselves. Today, industry dominates the landscape.


Green, I Love You, Greens

The matrix vegetable may be European in origin, and the African hand is still tasted in the seasoning of the pot.

Ramps in jar

Ramp Fingerprints

Ramp suppers in the mountain state are a homespun community effort, officially dating back at least 75 years.

.Jars of home canned vegetables in wooden boxes

The SFA Take: The Preservation Pickle

The South must continually come to terms with who we are, who we never were, and who we want to be. The stories behind our food help us get there.