The Azadi Market in Nashville's Little Kurdistan. Photo by Ava Lowery.

The Middle East in Music City (Gravy Ep. 39)


The pride of Nashville: honky tonks and… Halal lamb? The area of the city known as Little Kurdistan contains a whole culinary universe that many people—even those who live in the city—are unaware of. In this episode of Gravy, we tour the Kurdish part of Nashville with a resident who’s made it his mission to make his corner of the city better known by everyone.


The New Old Country Store (Gravy Ep. 36)


Every week, Cracker Barrel provides 4 million Americans with a studied version of down-home Southern food and hospitality. The dumplins and the chicken-fried steak. The country knick-knacks and the rocking chairs. What are we really consuming, culturally, along with the hashbrown casserole? In this episode of Gravy, Besha Rodell ponders the restaurant chain, the trickiness … Continued