Paul Gustings

The Napolean House
500 Chartres Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 524-9752

Tujague’s Restaurant
823 Decatur St.
New Orleans, Louisiana 70116

Originally from the Netherlands, Paul flipped a coin one day, headed to the United States, made his way to New Orleans for a visit and ended up staying. Twenty-three years later, his bartending resume includes some time spent behind the bar at places like the Clubhouse of the Galloping Gooses and Brennan’s Restaurant. Paul’s prickly personality eventually found the right fit at two bars in the French Quarter: Tujague’s and the Napoleon House. While he appreciates a good cocktail, he also appreciates the cocktail connoisseur and hasn’t much patience for less. He’ll take the time to make traditional cocktails the right way and will appreciate you for knowing enough about cocktails to order them. So belly up to the bar, serve Paul a smile, and he’ll serve you a well-made drink.

Date of interview:

March 29, 2005


Amy Evans

Napolean House and Tujague's - Paul Gustings - Bartenders of New Orleans
If you have people at the bar that respond to what you do, that’s always a lot more fun, and that has to do with performing. Because you’re always on stage. People are always watching what you’re doing.

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