Jim Auchmutey

Jim Auchmutey grew up in the Atlanta suburb of Decatur. A fifth generation Georgian, Auchmutey is the steward of his family Brunswick stew recipe, which dates to the 1880s. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in Journalism from Georgia State University, Auchmutey began working at the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

He remained at the AJC for twenty-nine years, working as a feature and projects writer until retirement in 2009. His books include True South and The Ultimate Barbecue Sauce Cookbook. Auchmutey lives and writes in Atlanta.

Date of interview:

January 18, 2005


Angie Mosier, SFA Member

Jim Auchmutey - SFA Founder
I would say that Southern food is taking its rightful place as a great world cuisine, one of the foremost expressions of the South along with our literature and music.

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