Ann Abadie

Born in Greenville, South Carolina, Ann Abadie received her bachelor’s degree in English and History from Wake Forest University in North Carolina. Abadie earned her doctorate in English from the University of Mississippi, where she later served on the committee that planned the Center for the Study of Southern Culture (CSSC). Since the CSSC’s debut in 1977, she has served crucial roles, including associate director, as well as associate editor of the Encyclopedia of Southern Culture and Mississippi Encyclopedia. For the first decade of its existence, Abadie served on the SFA’s board of directors. She lives in Oxford, Mississippi.

Date of interview:

January 31, 2005


Amy C. Evans

Ann Abadie - SFA Founder -
Food is not just nourishment, not just fuel for our vehicular bodies, but it has stories, and it makes us think about our growing up and our families and our link with our own personal histories, and with the past. And also it helps make the region a better place.

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