Damon Lee Fowler

Born in Georgia and raised in South Carolina, Fowler earned a degree in architecture from Clemson University and worked as an architect before he realized his true calling: writing about food. Since the publication of his first book Classical Southern Cooking, he has emerged as an authority on Southern cooking and its history.

In 1999, he became the food editor at the Savannah Morning News, and is now the author of six cookbooks. Fowler lives in Savannah, Georgia, where, in addition to his work as a food writer, lecturer, cooking teacher, and culinary historian, he remains the featured food writer for the Savannah Morning News.


Orlando Montoya, Friend of the SFA

Damon Lee Fowler SFA Founder
I think we just wanted to see Southern food preserved. We wanted to see its place in American history better appreciated. We wanted people to take the same pleasure in it that we took in it. We wanted to see it celebrated.

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