Gravy 69 (Fall 2018)

Poetry, In Motion – Sara Camp Milam

Fall Is at the Door – John T Edge

Well Versed, Well Fed – Lora Smith

In the Spirit – Gustavo Arellano

What a Way to Make a Living – Elizabeth Catte

“Cook” – Kelly Norman Ellis

“Shucking” – Elton Glaser

“Boy” – Sean Hill

“Fanny Says How to Make Potato Salad” – Nickole Brown

“Backbone” – Caroline Randall Williams

“Drill” – Atsuro Riley

“Mango, Number 61” – Richard Blanco

“When My Mother Is Away” – Molly McCully Brown

“Ode” – Iliana Rocha

“Acceptance Speech” – Lynn Powell

“Salat Behind Al’s Mediterranean and American Food” – Ashley M. Jones

“Jubilee” – Gabrielle Calvocoressi

“Why I Can’t Cook for Your Self-Centered Architect Cousin” – Beth Ann Fennelly

“A Theory of Pole Beans” – Nikki Giovanni

“Because Men Do What They Want to Do” – TJ Jarrett

“Little Love Poem” – Sandra Beasley

Comfort Food – Robert Gipe

Tex-Mex Kashmira – Vishwesh Bhatt

Last Course – Nicole Crowder

Art by Gabriella Demczuk

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