Fanny Says How to Make Potato Salad By Nickole Brown

Nickole Brown’s books include Sister and Fanny Says and the chapbook To Those Who Were Our First Gods. She was the editorial assistant for the late Hunter S. Thompson, worked at Sarabande Books for ten years, and was an assistant professor at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Currently, she is the editor for the Marie Alexander Poetry Series and lives with her wife, poet Jessica Jacobs, in Asheville, North Carolina. Because she’ll always be Fanny’s granddaughter and was raised in Kentucky, there’s nothing she loves better in the morning than a fresh Pepsi, and she puts Frank’s RedHot on damn near everything except ice cream.

“Fanny Says How to Make Potato Salad,” from Fanny Says. Copyright © 2015 by Nickole Brown. Reprinted with the permission of The Permissions Company, Inc., on behalf of BOA Editions, Ltd.,

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