1. Our friends at Serious Eats have a new book. Before you head off on your holiday travels, pick up a copy. Between these covers you’ll find a welcome respite from too much cream of something soup and too much togetherness. And, if you’re lucky, a serious food adventure.
2. Heading to New Orleans for the weekend? Don’t miss Boudin and Beer.
3. Revenuers may be a thing of the past, but moonshiners are not.
4. We whipped up a couple of batches of bitters for the Symposium. And by whipped up we mean: special ordered herbs and spices from Oregon, drove to Memphis for fresh figs, stirred together the ingredients, shook the mixture every day for nearly 30 days, triple strained everything through cheesecloth and… You get the picture. Why did we go to this much trouble? Well, because if you want a well constructed cocktail, bitters truly are worth the trouble. Jason Wilson explains why.
5. John Kessler breaks up with white whisky. And, declares his love for brown whisky.
6. It’s punch season. Why? Because we like punch and we say so. Enjoy.