Randy Wade

Harkers Island, NC

Randy Wade is a lifelong shrimper, who began working the waters off Harkers Island as a young boy. Lean and weather-worn from a lifetime on the water, Mr. Wade sails solo on the waters of Core Sound and off the shores of South Carolina aboard his shrimping boat, Miss Addie. The boat was built by his wife’s father, Julian Morris. “I used to hang out with my Uncle Mervin, and he used to build boats and he also shrimped on the side…I started at seven. Every day when I got out of school, I was to the boathouse with him. In the summer I was clamming with my daddy every day. I went with him every day and it’s all I’ve done,” says Mr. Wade.

Date of interview:

May 2, 2016


Keia Mastrianni and Mike Moore


Keia Mastrianni

When you live around saltwater, that’s when you got it in your blood. My daddy, he did [shrimping]; my daddy’s daddy, I mean right on down the line.

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