Makeley Lewis

Harkers Island, NC

Makeley Lewis was born May 4, 1925 on Harkers Island. His father was Brady Lewis, the famed boatbuilder credited with developing the flared bow boat, a signature of Harkers Island traditional boat craft. Brady Lewis built boats “by the eye” which meant that wooden boats, made of juniper and heart pine, were built from memory.

Mr. Lewis remembers the now historic Jean Dale being built in his family’s shed. He was a fisherman and boat builder, who followed the trades of his father and grandfather. Though he’ll admit that money was scarce, fishing was a love that he pursued all his life.

Note: Mr. Lewis’s slideshow contains only photographs, no audio.

Date of interview:

May 3, 2016


Keia Mastrianni and Mike Moore


Keia Mastrianni

I love fish. I wasn’t making no money but I loved to do it.

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