Henry Rice

Hutte Restaurant
1 Main Street
Helvetia, WV 26224

Henry Rice was born in Helvetia, West Virginia in 1978. He is the son of Catherine Irene Mailloux and grandson of Eleanor Mailloux, the co-founder of the Hutte. He cooks for the Hutte Sunday buffet and is the owner of the Helvetia-based company Streamline Seamless Gutter. Mr. Rice is an avid hunter, trapper, ginseng and ramp digger, morel mushroom hunter, and a collector of old bottles and artifacts. His daughter, Morgan Rice, was also interviewed for this project.

Date of interview:

April 30, 2016


Emily Hilliard


Emily Hilliard

Ramps are everywhere around here. We’d dig them and then Dad would pickle them, probably sixty quarts of them every year. He didn't really give them away. We ate them all year.

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