Cecelia Smith

Hutte Restaurant
1 Main Street
Helvetia, WV 26224

Cecelia Coleman Smith was born in Buckhannon, West Virginia in 1949. Originally from Pickens, West Virginia, her family moved away from the Helvetia/Pickens community when she was seven so her father could take a coal mining job. She moved back to Pickens in 2005. Mrs. Smith served in the military and is a member of the local American Legion chapter. She is also part of the Pickens Improvement and Historical Society, the Farm Women’s Club, and occasionally volunteers at the Hutte Restaurant.

Date of interview:

April 30, 2016


Emily Hilliard


Emily Hilliard

[The Ramp Supper] is a part of our heritage and we've lost too much of our heritage. We need to hold on to it as much as we can.

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