Diane Betler

Helvetia, WV

Diane Betler was born in Pendleton County, West Virginia and came to Helvetia as a child to live with her adopted mother Margaret Koerner, an immigrant from Germany. Ms. Koerner was a skilled home cook from her Ms. Betler learned many traditional recipes. She married Kevin Betler, nephew of Eleanor Betler, and they live in the Koerner home in Helvetia’s Metzner Hollow where Ms. Betler was raised. She served as the principal of Pickens Elementary/High School, the public school serving children from Pickens and Helvetia. Ms. Betler makes the yeast-raised doughnuts for Helvetia’s Fasnacht celebration every year using Margaret Koerner’s recipe.

Date of interview:

February 6, 2016


Emily Hilliard


Emily Hilliard

My grandmother used to make ground cherry preserves. She'd say ‘Go pick ground cherries.’ They grew wild in the yard. And so we'd go out and pick them, and we'd eat them and they tasted horrible. And she'd make the most wonderful preserves out of them.

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