gravypodcastJBFAThis week, SFA accepted our second James Beard Award, and we are exceedingly proud of our Gravy podcast producer, Tina Antolini. As Simon Thibault wrote earlier this week, “[Tina’s] instincts for stories, and her knowledge of audio storytelling are what put her up there, on that podium, with that excellent medal around her neck.”

A long list of guest producers also shared their talent in 2015 to tell complex stories of the American South through the foods we eat. We extend sincere thanks to these collaborators:

Alix Blair (Brothers, Soldiers, Farmers)

Nina Feldman (The Pie Formerly Known as Derby)

Brett Anderson (Bill Smith Turns Up the Volume)

Rien Fertel (Our Bourbon Street)

Tara Anderson (Tamales for the Derby)

Eve Abrams (A Migration Reversed)

Robin Amer (The Last Jews of Natchez)

Sarah Delia (A City Built on Barbecue)

Lauren Ober (Fried Chicken: A Complicated Comfort Food)

Phil Graitcer (A Charleston Feast for Reconciliation)

Laine Kaplan Levinson (Holding Onto the Bayou)

Wes Wages & Lee Taylor (Ice Cream, Coffee, and Community in Alabama)

Sara Roahen & Keith O’Brien (Red Beans, Red Wine, and Rebuilds)

Renee Gross (Coming Out Meatless)

Caleb Johnson & Irina Zhorov (A Salt Story)

Gabe Bullard (The Mason Jar Pickle)

Simon Thibault (The Cajun Reconnection)

Lena Nozizwe (South by South of the Border Soul Food)

Alysia Steele (Delta Jewels)

Jack Hitt (Southern Fried Baked Alaska)