Pass the Gravy: Eyes Wide Open

If we were to describe red-eye gravy to people from another culture, they would think we were joking. It’s made from country ham dregs and strong black coffee, two woebegone and seemingly incompatible leftovers that somehow form an iconic Southern condiment.

Pass the Chocolate Gravy

The idea of chocolate gravy leaves no one unmoved. Some people don’t understand the concept and want no part of it. Everyone else wants all of it.

Pass the Gravy: No Flour? No Problem.

If you want to know how to make a tasty and filling meal out of very little, ask a hungry country cook of modest means. As evidence I offer cornmeal gravy.

Pass the Gravy

For the next 4 weeks, Sheri Castle will be blogging about gravy for the SFA. It’s a topic close to our hearts; so much so that Gravy is the name of our quarterly journal. Today, Sheri introduces herself and and begins her series with a recipe for tomato pan gravy.