Distilled Identity

“I rotated the Plantation Pineapple bottle in my hands. The name dug at me.”

The Charleston Brown Water Society

“We are spreading the gospel of whiskey,” Weaver says with a wry smile. “[It] brings out the best and worst in people.”

Thirsty Thursday: Muddled

The mint julep vs. the mojito. Why does one suggest prestige and the other solicit an eye-roll?

Thirsty Thursday: The Uncle Rumus

A controversial author, a house museum’s blog, a Werther’s Original, and a good bit of rum. Meet the Uncle Rumus.

Thirsty Thursday: Tennessee’s Prichard’s Distillery

“Rum is the poor man’s brandy.” Well, according to Thomas Jefferson it is. That’s just one of the spirited facts I learned whilst researching the history of rum-making in America. At one point in time, rum was one of Colonial New England’s largest and most prosperous industries–George Washington even insisted on serving rum at his … Continued