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Gravy Podcast: What Is Latino Enough?

Writer and editor Paul Reyes, the US-born son of Colombian and Cuban parents, examines his identity through language, race, and his grandmother’s empanadas.

Susie Penman is 2018 Summer Film Intern

Summer film intern Susie Penman has worked as a bookseller, a baker, a journalist, and a copy editor. She’s also on her way to UNC-Chapel Hill to get her PhD in American Studies, after completing her MFA in Documentary Expression at the University of Mississippi.

Everybody is Welcome: Meet Pedro Leyva

Look back to an SFA film from last summer, Everybody is Welcome. It profiles Pedro Leyva of Mundo Latino Taco Shop in Oxford, Mississippi.

The Desi Dream Team

The “Brown in the South” supper series, features chefs of Indian descent who have made the American South their home. Meet some of them here.

Barbecue like Helen Turner today

On the July 4 holiday, many of us will cook over an open flame. Helen Turner, a pitmaster from Brownsville, Tennessee, barbecues with fire every day.

The Everyday Radical

Cookbooks might not be an obvious flag for the LGBT community to fly. But it’s exactly that that makes them so unexpectedly powerful.

What We’re Reading: Delicious Foods by James Hannaham

In coming weeks, SFA will situate Delicious Foods in the broader narrative of Southern foodways, asking challenging and open-ended questions. We invite you to read along, considering these and other questions during a five-part web series.