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2018 Southern Foodways Symposium: Get your tickets!

Tickets for the 21st Southern Foodways Symposium are on sale today. In 2018, our topic is Reading Food: From Menus to Soap Operas to Novels. The public is invited to register; SFA members receive a discount.

E is for Egerton

The Bitter Southerner pays tribute to SFA Founder John Egerton, in advance of the inaugural Egerton Prize Awards Ceremony scheduled Aug. 12 in Nashville.

Meet Darlene: Surviving the American Dream

In Delicious Foods, Darlene carves her own path to freedom. Instead of playing by the rules of the American Dream, she plays along with the rigged system, carving out her freedom piece by piece.

It’s Barbecue Friday in Arkansas!

Take a weekend trip on SFA’s barbecue trail to Arkansas to meet Kyle McClard, a fourth generation pitmaster for McClard’s Bar-B-Q.

Gravy Podcast: Agave Diplomacy

A group of bar operators in Houston, Texas, use their establishments as vehicles to foster conversation and learning.

Salesmanship and Stereotypes in Appalachia

Elizabeth Catte talked about Dollywood, stereotypes, and her grandfather when she presented “What You’re Getting Wrong About Appalachia” for the Southern Foodways Summer Symposium.

Lexington’s Literary Family Tree

Rebecca Gayle Howell, John Egerton Scholar-in-Residence, opened the 2018 Southern Foodways Summer Symposium with poetry and thoughts on Lexington’s Literary Family Tree.