Devin Cox

Meet Devin Cox, who does much of the SFA’s graphic design and publications layout. If your computer proudly sports an SFA member sticker, or you’ve ever thumbed through an issue of Gravy, you’ve seen Devin’s work. In other words, you wouldn’t recognize us without him.

How did you become involved with the SFA?

While I was a student at the University of Mississippi. I needed an internship and the SFA was one of the few places on campus offering one. They were doing a lot of fun stuff so I continued working with them after the semester ended. I’ve been working with them ever since.

What’s your day job? (In other words, what do you do when you’re not designing cool stuff for us?)

I work at a small video game publisher in Austin, Texas. I primarily do web design there. Designing for the SFA gives me something different than my day-to-day work. It’s refreshing.

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Do you have a favorite SFA project that you’ve worked on?

I had a lot of fun with some of the early symposium brochures. More recently I’ve enjoyed some of the illustrations for Gravy and the “Counter Culture” illustration for you members out there. (see above)

What’s your favorite meal in Austin?

Consistently? Breakfast tacos. Recently? A goat confit over coconut polenta course at Lenoir that was amazing.

What do you like most about being a graphic designer? And what’s the most challenging aspect of your job?

I like the variety the most. Working on and solving a wide range of problems is what keeps me happy and interested.

The most challenging thing is always communication. Understanding what a client is looking for and then leading them through your solution are the most difficult parts of a project. Fortunately, that’s never an issue with the SFA. We’ve been working together so long, I seem to have a pretty good handle on what they’re looking for. It makes the projects go very smoothly!