Mama Dip’s Traditional Country Cooking

Mama Dip's Traditional Country Cooking
408 W Rosemary St.
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
(919) 942-5837

Mildred Council, better known as Mama Dip, started cooking when she was nine years old. The family cooking duties fell upon her early, but not just because she was the youngest of seven children. Mildred was put at the stove after impressing her father with the cornbread and egg custard she made for a family meal. Still, her father wanted her to go to beauty school, so she would have a career. But Mildred knew that cooking was her calling. After years of working in other people’s kitchens, Mildred Council decided to open a place of her own. One fateful day in 1976 she opened Mama Dip’s restaurant with the sixty-four dollars she had in her pocket. She made the first meal served using the eggs and grits she bought at the grocery store earlier that morning. Today, Mama Dip’s Traditional Country Cooking has a menu that features countless entrées, more than twenty vegetables, and dozens of desserts. The success of Mama Dip’s restaurant, coupled with her infectious charm, inspired two cookbooks, Mama Dip’s Kitchen and Mama Dip’s Family Cookbook.

Date of interview:

June 2, 2007


Amy C. Evans


Amy C. Evans

Mama Dip's Traditional Country Cooking - Mildred Council, "Mama Dip" - Tabasco Guardians of the Tradition: Chapel Hill, NC - Chapel Hill Eats
I’m not a chef. And I don’t like people to call me a chef because a chef is more like—I call them the artists. They have so much artist in them, artistic, ever what you call it. Artist, I guess, because they can just make things so pretty, you know. And I try to make things good.

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