Lumbee Fish Market

Lumbee Fish Market
963 Prospect Road
Pembroke, NC 28372

Emma Locklear began managing Lumbee Fish Market soon after her uncles, Matthew and Joseph Jones, it opened the business in 2007. When Joseph fell ill and Matthew, a pastor, felt called back to the church, Emma took over the business. Lumbee Fish Market sits between the most bustling Town of Pembroke, and the wide and rural Prospect community.

She splits her time between the Lumberton Correctional Institution, where she works as an officer, and the fish market, where she works with most of her family members. With the proximity to so many swamps and rivers, fishing is abundant in Robeson County. Each day local fishermen bring in catch from the Atlantic Ocean and its tributaries: shrimp, flounder, perch, catfish, mullet, and the very popular spots and croaker. Emma sells to nearby restaurants and customers, and also cleans fish brought in by those who’ve spent their day fishing on many of the nearby swamps and rivers.

Date of interview:

July 29, 2014


Sara Wood


Sara Wood

I get to work with my mom. Some people don’t get to see their mama every day. I get to see mine every day. Family is important to me. I love my family and I want to make sure that my family was took care of.

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