Counter Histories: Jackson

Counter Histories: Jackson, Mississippi from Southern Foodways on Vimeo.

A film by Kate Medley and Mimi Schiffman.

Soon after President Johnson signed the Civil Right Act of 1964 into law on July 2, outlawing ingrained forms of discrimination against racial, ethnic, and national and religious minorities, hundreds of restaurants across the South integrated. More than four years of student-led, nonviolent protests—including lunch-counter sit-ins—helped bring about the legislation.

Kate Medley, a multimedia storyteller and alumna of the Southern Studies MA program at the University of Mississippi, is the creative director of Counter Histories, a mini-series of documentary films produced in conjunction with the SFA to mark the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act. Today, we bring you the first installment of Counter Histories. The remaining films will debut at our fall symposium and become available online shortly thereafter.

In this film we hear from Colia Clark, Joan Trumpauer Mulholland, Bill Minor, Daphne Chamberlain and Reverend Ed King about the historic sit-in at the 1963 Woolworth’s lunch counter in Jackson, Mississippi.